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Website Maintenance

The only constant thing in the universe is Change. Without consistent and regular website management and website maintenance, your website becomes nothing more than a static brochure which does an injustice to the growing and dynamic nature of your business.

The need of website maintenance is to keep the customer’s attention at bay all the time. Don’t let them get bored by seeing the same site every time they login and always surprise them with your freshness and welcome themes. This also helps you retain online traffic as they know that each visit will be a new experience for them.

Degree of change can just be maybe one small portion of the website where you launch latest announcements, deals, offers or promotions, or can be changed CSS altogether where customers see fresh color combinations and changed images.

The problem that most business owner’s face is finding enough time to be able to keep their website updated with everything else going on. That's where we come in - our website maintenance and website management programs are a low cost solution to this problem. But always remember that without servicing the car, you cannot get the best mileage, similarly, without maintaining the website, you cannot get the optimized ROI.

Why Website Maintenance is necessary-
To ensure proper functioning of the website.
To make the site functional for 24x7 hours.
You get the best return from the website.
Updating the site with the latest details.
Ensure proper traffic generation of the website.
To have a long-term business relationship with the client.
Graphics updating without changing the design layout on the site.
Content and Imagery Updates on Existing Web-pages
Developing promotional flash-movies for on-page display

We run maintenance services contract of various types, depending on the project requirements and duration. Updates are usually done within 2 to 24 hours (except holidays and weekends). Although we make every effort to make accurate changes, it is the client's responsibility to review updates and notify us of any necessary changes that need to be made. We do not charge for changes that are our fault. However, if a change needs to be made due to client error, the regular hourly update fees will be charged.
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